Product demonstration of the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System & Rescue Station for Hampsey Ltd. in Chesterfield.

Above shows the FreeFalcon team demonstrating the FreeFalcon products for Hampsey Ltd. in Chesterfield.

Hampsey Ltd. is one of a handful of specialist reinforced concrete contractors that operates across the length and breadth of the UK, delivering a first-class, high quality service to the construction industry.

The FreeFalcon team arranged a product demonstration with Hampsey Ltd. in June 2021.

The Hampsey team were able to trial the FreeFalcon fall arrest system, understand the comfort the fall arrest system offers for the user, and the benefits the fall arrest system brings to their projects.


Above shows the Hampsey team trialling the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System.

FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System Product Demonstration.

Above is a product demonstation for the McAleer & Rushe team.

The FreeFalcon team in Birmingham carrying out a demonstration of the FreeFalcon products, including the fall arrest system & rescue station.

The team at FreeFalcon worked with McAleer & Rushe to organise a date, time & location that suited the team for a quick 30 minute demonstration of the products.

During this demonstration, the team at McAleer & Rushe were able to ask questions about the FreeFalcon, feel how comfortable it is when attached to the system, and understand the benefits it would bring to their team morale and productivity.


Above is a product demonstation for the McAleer & Rushe team.

Rescue Training for J Coffey Group

Above shows (from left) FreeFalcon member and J Coffey’s Health & Safety Managers.

 The FreeFalcon Rescue Station provides everything you need in case of an emergency onsite.

If a fall occurs onsite, the FreeFalcon rescue device (found in the rescue station) will rescue the fallen worker in under 2 minutes.

Above shows Health and Safety Manager at J Coffey carrying out a rescue using the FreeFalcon rescue station and fall arrest system.

J Coffey Group have chosen the FreeFalcon fall arrest systems for their choice of fall protection. In order to carry out a rescue when a worker has fallen onsite (attached to the FreeFalcon fall arrest system), there must be a FreeFalcon rescue device.

Before the Rescue Station can arrive on your site, you must complete training with the FreeFalcon team.  

The FreeFalcon team visited J Coffey’s site in London, June 2021, to conduct the training.

Above shows Health and Safety Manager at J Coffey demonstrating a FreeFalcon rescue.

The FreeFalcon fall arrest system product demo.

Above shows the FreeFalcon team carrying out a product demonstration for the McAvoy Group.

The team at FreeFalcon were invited to The McAvoy Group‘s HQ’s to carry out a product demonstration of the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System and Rescue Station.

The McAvoy Group are focused on Modular Constructionproviding structurally strong buildings in less time than conventional construction methods.

The FreeFalcon product demonstration is a great opportunity to allow your team to see the benefits of the fall arrest system, and other FreeFalcon products.

The FreeFalcon team are there to answer any questions on the fall arrest system, and are there to meet the needs of what your company requires.


Delivery of FreeFalcon Fall Arrest Systems.

Above shows the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System being lifted onto site by a crane, ready for immediate use. Image also shows two other FreeFalcon Fall Arrest Systems onsite.

In February 2021, the FreeFalcon team reached out to Tyrone Formwork Ltd. to offer information on fall arrest systems in the construction industry.

Sean Campbell, Project Manager, was intrigued by the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System due to the mobility it has to offer, productivity improvement, and the increase in safety with overhead protection.

This led the team at Tyrone Formwork to rent three FreeFalcon fall arrest systems for their project on Botanic Avenue, Belfast.

Above are the Tyrone Formwork Ltd. foremen & a member of the FreeFalcon Team, Joanne Lee.


June 2021, Tyrone Formwork had completed their formwork process. The Tyrone Formwork team were delighted with the FreeFalcon fall arrest system;

It was fantastic to work with. I would highly recommend it to other’s.” Site Foreman.

With the use of the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System, Tyrone Formwork Ltd. were able to increase their speed of work by 15%, allowing the process of their project to accelerate, and increase their clients satisfaction.

Easiest and quickest system I’ve worked with. Definitely feel safer when using the FreeFalcon.”

Robert Bowes, Site Foreman, Tyrone Formwork Ltd.

Tyrone Formwork Ltd. are working alongside Farrans on constructing a student accommodation complex in Belfast City Centre, with the end date August 2022.

Above is the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System being lifted by a crane.


The team at FreeFalcon would like to wish Tyrone Formwork Ltd., and everyone working on the project, the best of luck. We look forward to working with you on future projects.


Author: Joanne Lee.

Published: June, 2021