The FreeFalcon Fall Protection System V21-1

Product Information

Diameter: 2.25m

Height: 2.35m

Weight: 450kg



360° Freedom of Movement

The FreeFalcon Fall Protection System allows the worker 360° unrestricted freedom of movement when attached to the system, and has a working radius of up to 10m.


Overhead Protection

The FreeFalcon Fall Protection System offers maximum safety with overhead protection. This minimizes the problems of trips or falls occuring.



Fully Mobile

The FreeFalcon Fall Protection System can be moved anywhere onsite with a crane or a standard pallet truck. 

The FreeFalcon Fall Protection System V21-1

With the physical power of leverage and the latest safety technology, it provides optimum protection when working at any height.

With a total weight of just 450 kg, this makes it a perfect mobile fall protection system for work on any construction site.

With the help of a standard pallet truck, it can always be transported to its place of use. Intuitive handling allows users to work quickly and safely. This means that the FreeFalcon Fall Protection System V21 – 1 has to be lifted only once onto site with a crane, and then be allowed to work independently.

It provides maximum safety with overhead protection and is 360° fully rotatable movement to ensure an optimal working radius.

This is the first solution that combines mobility and security in this area worldwide. As professionals in the construction industry, we know what matters. We are always looking for the most effective solution, and when it comes to safety when working at height, we have finally found it:

FreeFalcon – Fall Protection System V21- 1.

FreeFalcon Training

Training is provided for all of our clients. Our training includes User Training, Train the Trainer, & Mechanical Training.

Easiest and quickest system I’ve worked with. Definitely feel safer when using the .

Robert Bowes

Site Foreman, Tyrone Formwork Ltd.