The FreeFalcon Rescue Station

Contains everything a construction site needs in case of an emergency.


Audible Siren

When a fall occurs on-site, the FreeFalcon Rescue Station will activate a siren. This will alert all other workers that one of their team members has fallen and needs rescued from the fall protection system.

Flashing Beacon

Along with the audible siren, the FreeFalcon Rescue Station will operate a flashing beacon. If things are too loud on-site, the workers will still know a rescue needs carried out with the flashing beacon.


Under 2 Minutes

To avoid adverse health effects, a rescue must be completed within 5-6 minutes. However, with our rescue device, you are able to rescue an inidvidual attached to the FreeFalcon Fall Protection System in under 2 minutes.


The FreeFalcon Rescue Station

The new innovative rescue station contains everything a construction company needs in the case of an emergency.

The contents of the station are listed below: 

  • Rescue Device: Allows a person who has fallen while attached to a fall arrest system to be rescued

  • Life Line: Secures the rescuer while attempting to help the person who has fallen.

  • Harness: Allows the rescuer to attach to the Life Line.

  • First Aid Kit: In accordance with the accident prevention regulations, the DIN 13169 is required on construction sites from 11 to 50 employees

  • Plaster Dispenser: No need to open the first aid kit for minor injuries.

  • Eyewash: Remove foreign materials including steel, plastic and wood from the eye.

  • Fire extinguisher: Powder extinguisher 6 kg ABC continuous pressure 9 LE DIN EN3

  • Fire Blanket.

  • Thermal Blanket

  • Defibrillator (Optional)

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