The FreeFalcon Rescue Station

Contains everything a construction site needs in case of an emergency.


Audible Siren

When a fall occurs on-site, the FreeFalcon Rescue Station will activate a siren. This will alert all other workers that one of their team members has fallen and needs rescued from the fall protection system.


Under 2 Minutes

To avoid adverse health effects, a rescue must be completed within 5-6 minutes. However, with our rescue device, you are able to rescue an inidvidual attached to the FreeFalcon Fall Protection System in under 2 minutes.


The FreeFalcon Rescue Station

The new innovative rescue station contains everything a construction company needs in the case of an emergency.

The contents of the station are listed below: 

  • Rescue Device: Allows a person who has fallen while attached to a fall arrest system to be rescued

  • Life Line: Secures the rescuer while attempting to help the person who has fallen.

  • Harness: Allows the rescuer to attach to the Life Line.

  • First Aid Kit: In accordance with the accident prevention regulations, the DIN 13169 is required on construction sites from 11 to 50 employees

  • Plaster Dispenser: No need to open the first aid kit for minor injuries.

  • Eyewash: Remove foreign materials including steel, plastic and wood from the eye.

  • Fire extinguisher: Powder extinguisher 6 kg ABC continuous pressure 9 LE DIN EN3

  • Fire Blanket.

  • Thermal Blanket

  • Defibrillator (Optional)

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