About Us


Your opinion is important to us.

Our customers and distributors have given a lot of positive feedback.

“Easiest and fastest system I’ve ever worked with. Definitely feel safer using the FreeFalcon.”

Robert Bowes
Site Foreman, Tyrone Formwork Ltd.

“We see FreeFalcon as the future solution for fall protection systems. It secures the user and at the same time offers him freedom of movement. It will offer our customers new possibilities and new ways of thinking in their daily work.”

Thomas Vanting

“FreeFalcon is a real game changer when it comes to productivity and safety when working at height. It offers fast training, minimal set-up time and 360 degrees of working ability up to 10 meters.”

Jon Hammond
Senior Safety Instructor, Doka

“The FreeFalcon fall protection system is the best fall protection system on the market. It is user-friendly and increases the speed of our projects. I can definitely recommend it.”

Sean Campbell
Project Manager, Tyrone Formwork Ltd.

Quality guaranteed.

Our products are exclusively “Made in Germany”.

This guarantees quality assurance.

We use the best materials and the most advanced processing methods.

Trust experience.

The FreeFalcon GmbH founder had 40 years experience in the construction industry, and was unsatisfied with the safety standards of products on the market for his employees.

This led him to invent unique, innovative products that ensures the safest work environment possible.