FreeFalcon V21-1

Mobile, Overhead, Fall Arrest System

FreeFalcon V21-2

Suitable for Precast Concrete Slabs

Service Training in London, UK

Service Training in Chicago, USA

Service Training in Amsterdam, Netherlands

In-House Production

In-House Production

In-House Production

“FreeFalcon is efficient, it is effortless, it is a revolution in safety.”

Available Worldwide

Our FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System is certified & available worldwide: Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, & New Zealand.

Long-Lasting Relationships

FreeFalcon focus on building strong customer relationships. We are there for you from your first initial enquiry, and will always be there to help.


We work around you

The FreeFalcon team provide on-going support when needed. We will schedule either face-to-face or online meetings at a time that suits you.

About Us

Founded in 2018. The FreeFalcon GmbH founder had 40 years experience in the construction industry and was unsatisfied with the Fall Arrest Systems already on the market. This frustration led him to design, create and share the unique FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System with the world.

We are very proud to have 2,000+ FreeFalcon Fall Arrest Systems on construction sites today, saving lives and improving the speed of work.

The FreeFalcon team are dedicated to bring you high quality and reliable products. 

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Vereinbaren Sie eine Videokonferenz für eine ca. 20-minütige Präsentation über unsere Dienstleistungen und Produkte.


In our production in material processing, we guarantee the highest manufacturing precision by using the most advanced technology.

We are committed to detail and place great importance on carrying out our work steps from development, production and assembly to quality assurance at our sites worldwide.


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Über Uns

Das FreeFalcon-Team hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Ihnen qualitativ hochwertige und zuverlässige Produkte anzubieten. Werden Sie Teil des Teams und werden Sie Vertriebspartner für unsere einzigartigen und innovativen Produkte.