FreeFalcon – Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21-1

for attaching tested, personal protective equipment (PPE)
Type E according to EN 795:2012

Specifications & intended use:

Thanks to the physical force of leverage and the latest safety technology, it provides optimum protection when working at any height. The FreeFalcon – mobile anchor mast V21-1 is suitable for use on smooth surfaces such as slab formwork. It has to be lifted only once on to a site with a crane and can then be transported by means of a standard pallet truck. Optimum radius of action due to an overhead anchorage and a ball-bearing housing.

Weight 450.00 kg
Anchor point height in the default state 235.00 cm  
Anchor point height in safety position 115.00 cm
Lowest base diameter 208.00 cm
Largest base diameter 225.00 cm
Anti-slip segments 12 pieces
Sliding friction μ 0.65 µ +/- 5%
Pressure force of the safety unit min. 29050 N max. 30327 N
Triggering time of safety unit min 1.5 sec. max 2.0 sec.
Lashing rings 4 pieces 4000 N each
Trigger force of the safety device 1.1-1.5 kN Exeeding

Product information:

Working radius
Trigger force of the safety device
10001 up to 10,00 m 450,00 kg max. 225,00 x 235,00 cm 1,1-1,5 kN
Free_falcon_mobiler_ankermast_v21 1_2
Free_falcon_mobiler_ankermast_v21 1_5
Free_falcon_mobiler_ankermast_v21 1_3