Rescue Device ABS 3a WH – Set

with kernmantle rope 25 m, Ø 10,5 mm, Rescue clamp with wire rope Ø 4,8 mm and steel carabiner with twist lock 25 kn
according to EN 341:2011 /1A, ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013

Specifications & intended use:

Rescue device with automatic speed regulation

The Rescue Device ABS 3a WH (Article No. 17002) with Rescue Clamp (Article No. 17003) and Steel carabiner with twist lock is used when a person has fallen and is hanging attached to a fall arrest system.

The Rescue Clamp is attached to the lifeline of the Fall Arrester Block and the Rescue Device is attached to the wire cable eyelet of the extension arm.

Once the Rescue Device and Rescue Clamp have been securely attached, the Fall Arrester Block can be detached.

Now using the Rescue Device, the fallen person can be securely lowered on to a safe platform.

Rescue Device:

  • robust and low-maintenance descent rescue device with ball-bearing rotatable suspension
  • robust, anti-corrosive aluminum housing with kernmantle rope Ø 10.5 mm as connecting element
  • standard lanyard IKV 11
  • minimum load: 50.00 kg
  • nominal load: 140.00 kg
  • Proof load EN 341: 175.00 kg
  • Static proof load: 20 kN
  • Maximum descent height: 25.00 m
  • Maximum descent speed 1.5 m/s
  • Tested for 1 person
  • Descent rope KMS 105 to EN 1891:1998 A
  • Temperature application range: -40°C to +50°C
  • Service life: approx. 10 years

Rescue Clamp:

  • suitable only for steel and stainless steel ropes of ø 4.8 mm diameter
  • easy and quick handling
  • the max. permissible load is 136.00 kg, minimum load 50.00 kg
  • enables unhindered lifting and lowering / abseiling of the person to be rescued

Important notes:

Not permitted is:

  • the use of connecting devices of other manufacturers
  • as well as lifting and lowering of loads

Product information:

Dimensions (LxWxH)
Carabiner (L)
17001 Kernmantle rope Aluminium 2.55 kg 20,00 x 20,00 x 120,00 cm 13,60 cm