Above shows (from left) FreeFalcon member and J Coffey’s Health & Safety Managers.

 The FreeFalcon Rescue Station provides everything you need in case of an emergency onsite.

If a fall occurs onsite, the FreeFalcon rescue device (found in the rescue station) will rescue the fallen worker in under 2 minutes.

Above shows Health and Safety Manager at J Coffey carrying out a rescue using the FreeFalcon rescue station and fall arrest system.

J Coffey Group have chosen the FreeFalcon fall arrest systems for their choice of fall protection. In order to carry out a rescue when a worker has fallen onsite (attached to the FreeFalcon fall arrest system), there must be a FreeFalcon rescue device.

Before the Rescue Station can arrive on your site, you must complete training with the FreeFalcon team.  

The FreeFalcon team visited J Coffey’s site in London, June 2021, to conduct the training.

Above shows Health and Safety Manager at J Coffey demonstrating a FreeFalcon rescue.