Above shows the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System being lifted onto site for Tyrone Formwork Ltd., Belfast.

February 2021, the FreeFalcon team reached out to Tyrone Formwork Ltd. to offer information on the FreeFalcon Safety equipment.

Sean Campbell, Project Manager, was intrigued by the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System due to the mobility it has to offer, productivity improvement, and the increase in safety with overhead protection.

The FreeFalcon fall arrest system is the best fall protection on the market. It’s user friendly and increases the speed of work for our projects. I definitely recommend.

Sean Campbell

Project Manager, Tyrone Formwork Ltd.

Tyrone Formwork Ltd. made the decision to use the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest Systems as their choice of fall protection for their project on Botanic Avenue, Belfast.

Above shows site foreman attached to the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System.

The team were delighted with the system as it lifted team morale due to the ease of mobility of the system.

Overhead protection eliminated the frustration or worry of trip hazards due to no cables or wires running along the ground.

Easiest and quickest system I have worked with. Definitely feel safer when using the FreeFalcon.

Robert Bowes

Site Foreman, Tyrone Formwork Ltd.

June 2021, the Tyrone Formwork team had completed their formwork process. They were delighted with the FreeFalcon fall arrest system and the benefit it brought to their project.

With the use of the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System, Tyrone Formwork Ltd. were able to increase their speed of work by 15%, allowing the process of their project to accelerate, and increase their clients satisfaction.

Above shows the Tyrone Formwork team with the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest System during collection.

We would like to thank Tyrone Formwork Ltd. for choosing the FreeFalcon Fall Arrest Systems as their choice of fall protection. We look forward to working with this great team for future projects.